Saturday, 11 April 2015


At home at the moment with Miss T who has had 4 wisdom teeth out in hospital. She is doing very well, has some swelling but so far so good. She is such a trooper. 2 of her friends recently went through the same thing and faired much worse.

This will be her third surgery in one year! Too many but hopefully all done and dusted now. This photo is on Day 1 after the event all tucked up snuggly with a fetching ice pack. Does the job though. For those observant the brown stuff on the ice pack near her chin is actually chocolate soy icecream.

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Silver Linings...

Well, it is the Silver Fox's and my 25 th anniversary this year and we have been lamenting about what to do to celebrate. We figure 2 nights away is probably enough being that it is soon to be exam time for the Teenies and that my Dad will supervise them and he is not in the best of health.

Ahhhh, what to do? We both have to agree so some of the ideas have been Cradle Mountain, Uluru, Port Douglas, The Whitsunday's, Crystal Creek, Byron Bay, a cruise....

We couldn't agree. I mean yes yes yes to Cradle Mountain but for 2 nights AND in Winter?

So. It has been decided. We are off to Binna Burra in the Gold Coast hinterland. A nice room with a fire, bushwalking, a picnic or two...

Hooray! Finally

I did say that I was prepared to sacrifice our getaway for a simple piece of diamond jewellery. Well, I was trying to be helpful...

My sister kindly suggested that her and I could go away together instead and celebrate our 25 th. Hmmm, I did give that some thought let me tell you!

It is our Silver anniversary so that of course means ..... Silver. Hmmmm, will have to think of something useful but meaningful too.

I am so excited! Mainly because it will be just down the road but also that we aren't wasting money unnecessarily keeping in mind the fact that we are selling and building and going to Italy next year.

We will be at the age soon where the Teenies will be a tad more independent, will be driving, working etc so we should be able to look forward to a few more soirées together. Not wishing my life away of course!!

So, something to look forward to. A little getaway for just the two of us.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Birthday Boy...

 It is this lovely man's birthday tomorrow. He will be 78.

We took him out on Sunday for a wonderful Spanish seafood paella

He is adventurous like that. The things this man has eaten in his lifetime would curl your toes. He talks about dinner at a palace with a Prince. I think sheep's heads were involved. And eyeballs. I kid you not.

Brave he is

He worked in the Antarctoc when he was 19 for 2 years I think. It was a tad chilly. He learned to cook and sew and wore a tuxedo to dinner parties. They were posh days obviously.

I've bought him a card - a nice, clean, insulting card. It is our 'thing'. He usually roars with laughter.

I've also got him some books. I tell him they are from the "dead boring" section of the bookstore. He always says he likes that section the best.

I've also got him some posh honey. He will smack his lips with anticipation

We will scoot down tomorrow with cake and the pressies. He lives about 8 minutes from me

Happy birthdah Daddy-o

 Ciao for now...


Saturday, 31 January 2015

Tidy Tidy Time...

Open house today. We are getting smart though and tidying all week with a bit of a spit and polish the morning of.

Looking good though if "i's do says so me self" to quote Popeye.

I thought of offering the house with two teenagers thrown in but they have been better this week so I may reconsider. Maybe.

It's funny though, in different lights I see streaks and smears on the windows, fluff here, cobwebs there... I'm not sure how clean I need to be. Still hate cleaning windows thought - thankless task here with the salt.

So, just a few more things to do then we are going to have our weekends back to plan the next house.

Oh no, fluff on my couch! Haha

ciao for now

Just Martha. xx

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Thursday, 29 January 2015


Miss T was bought flowers by her lovely girlfriend as a 'just because' gift. They are scented and their lovely perfume wafts by upon occasion. Amazing!

Enjoy the simple things in life people!

We are having an open day on Saturday and have nearly finished the list of jobs in preparation. Thank goodness the hole in the ceiling of the entry has been fixed as the water leak has been sorted. Not a good look to have a bucket at the front door!

Miss T goes back to school today and Master T tomorrow. Good, they make the place untidy! Haha! Especially that Master T. At nearly 15 he seems to be all legs and arms.

We are also nearly ready to start planning our next home. Yay!

Have lovely day folks!

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