Sunday, 20 April 2014

just In Time For The Holidays...


Ahhhh, school holidays here. They arrived just in time to see Miss T the victim of a ferocious slide tackle in soccer which saw her left kneecap nicely dislocate. Not bad for a non-contact sport.

A trip to our local emergency department and a memorable visit it the notorious "Fracture Clinic". If you have ever been to such a clinic you will know exactly what I mean. Let's just imagine 60 people arriving for an appointment at 7.15 AM. Yay!


Out for the season. 3 months


And crutches

And a brace from her thigh to her ankle.


She is slowly recovering but is devastated about the soccer season, letting her team down and becoming unfit. She did struggle with depression last year so three nights of soccer really helped with all that. I will be enroll ing her in an art course to give her a little outlet on the side and hopefully appeal to her creative self. 3 months is a long time.

So, last night the Silver Fox feels a lovely 'pop' in his calf and is limping away today. He is currently sitting on the couch with a nice pack in situ and his leg up.

Maybe they can take turns with the crutches?....

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Just the Right Approach...


It all depends how you view life doesn't it?

Happy Easter. Gorgeous day here. We have seafood. Say no more.

ciao for now

just Martha xx
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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Crabby Start...


So, there I was sitting on the toilet this morning, early, when out of the corner of my eye I see movement and look down to see a crab sitting right in the middle of the doorway staring at me.

I suppose it was staring as it was a little difficult to tell but it was facing me so I can only assume it was looking. My Motherly intuition tells me it was looking. I'm used to being looked at in less than ideal situations.

So, all righty then

I called for Master T to bring the dustpan and brush and it started to run towards me so I threw the hand towel over it. Master T arrived with the pan and brush and a very interested dog.

He took the hand towel off but was unable to capture the crab as he has an aversion to anything that has more than two legs with ants being high on the list. Anyhow, I digress. The dog was very interested but knows what the command "leave" means so was only able to look on with tail wagging.

Master T was tentatively trying to brush the crab into the dustpan only to find it running flat out at him, trying to climb in his pyjama bottoms as he was sitting on the floor. So, as he ran screaming from the room, the crab made a run to under the dining table, dog in tow.

So, I was able to throw the handy hand towel over the crab once again, roll it up in said hand towel and march off in pajamas and bare feet to the beach to deposit this pioneer adventurer on the soft sand where he/she could no doubt tell tales of the capture by aliens and his/her bravery.


How was your day?

Ciao for now

just Martha xx

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

just Life...

Well, I have been quiet of late. No real reason except life gets in the way. The Silver Fox is finally home after another 9 month stint away and it takes a little time to settle back in again. As a family.

I have finally dragged Master T kicking and screaming to do some exercise. Literally. I have joined him to MMA ( mixed martial arts) and he l-o-v-e-s it. He literally wouldn't get out of the car that first night and when I took him home he was like " yes Mum, it is exactly what I wanted to do".

Oh really son. Who knew?


Miss T is still a soccer fiend except now she has at least one unstable ankle. The physio must have had a positive effect because she wears her brace to training and games. She plays every Friday night and trains twice per week and works twice per week. Phew! Where is the homework time in that?

I have done some teaching at Tafe again and have 2 full days coming up. Yay! It is a bit daunting to have a class for 6 hours but I'm told not to do full face to face but make them research etc. That is 3 x 2 hour lectures to 2 different groups so at least I can present the same stuff each day. It is very rewarding teaching adults who pay to learn. Focused to say the least.

The Silver Fox is working 11/2 hours from home so he leaves early and gets home about 8pm. Oh well, at least he is home. It is nice to have him back.

Miss T will soon be turning 16 so I am taking her and a friend to Byron Bay for the night to hang. I have a friend coming for me so I can chill too. Miss T can't wait. I told her I would take her to Melbourne for a few days for her 18th and to New York for her 21st. No parties. She thought it was a great idea. Me too.

I have booked to go away with my sister for 2 nights. I haven't seen her since October and it will be just the two of us yapping away for hours and hours. I am organizing some stand up paddle boarding, maybe surfing lessons or perhaps a yoga class instead, a big walk and some kayaking. There will be some relaxation in there but she likes to be an action Jackson too sometimes and it will help her de-stress. Usually we do to a day spa for a few hours but really this time I want to try the sports.

What else?

Miss T dropped a cup in the bathroom sink and the sink shattered. Well, that went down like a lead balloon with talk of new bench tops etc so we are waiting to research the sink and possibly find the same one even though it is 8 years old. Wish us luck.

Ma and Pa are well. Dad is down at my sister's and she thinks he is looking tired and stressed. He is there for 2 weeks so he will be having a great time. I'm taking mum to the dentist and probably out for a bit to eat prior. She is good fun these days.

Looking back I have written an essay so maybe I need to write less more frequently. Sometimes the words just don't flow though so maybe you just need to take it when you can.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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just Smells...

Master T has turned a wonderful 14 and was keen for some aftershave for his birthday. I did need to point out that it's use didn't take the place of showers and deodorant.

Well, he is 14. So I went in search of something suitable. There was over 1000 new fragrances released last year alone so it gets a bit tricky to choose. He did like something that was in the shape of either a gold bar or a gold $ sign. Hmmm, I still remember him wanting a suit, gold chains and earrings so maybe not. EVER!

Smells are very important aren't they. I was born in England and we cam to Australia when I was 3. I went back by myself when I was 21 and my Mother's request was to bring her back cinnamon lollies from her home town. As soon as I smelled them it brought back amazing memories: people'places, me staying the night in pink sheets somewhere, being in lifts on rainy days... It was quite incredible for me, particularly because I was so young when we left.

When Miss T became a teenager her Aunty bought her Tommy by Tommy Hilfinger which is so young and fresh and will always remind me of both Miss T and my sister.

There are lots of not nice smells too but generally smells can change emotions, appetite, moods... The list goes on.

I have a few favourite smells and the Aussie bush is one of my most loved. Probably from horse riding for hours and hours when I was a teenager.

What's your favourite smell?

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ciao for now

just Martha xx
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