Saturday, 31 January 2015

Tidy Tidy Time...

Open house today. We are getting smart though and tidying all week with a bit of a spit and polish the morning of.

Looking good though if "i's do says so me self" to quote Popeye.

I thought of offering the house with two teenagers thrown in but they have been better this week so I may reconsider. Maybe.

It's funny though, in different lights I see streaks and smears on the windows, fluff here, cobwebs there... I'm not sure how clean I need to be. Still hate cleaning windows thought - thankless task here with the salt.

So, just a few more things to do then we are going to have our weekends back to plan the next house.

Oh no, fluff on my couch! Haha

ciao for now

Just Martha. xx

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Thursday, 29 January 2015


Miss T was bought flowers by her lovely girlfriend as a 'just because' gift. They are scented and their lovely perfume wafts by upon occasion. Amazing!

Enjoy the simple things in life people!

We are having an open day on Saturday and have nearly finished the list of jobs in preparation. Thank goodness the hole in the ceiling of the entry has been fixed as the water leak has been sorted. Not a good look to have a bucket at the front door!

Miss T goes back to school today and Master T tomorrow. Good, they make the place untidy! Haha! Especially that Master T. At nearly 15 he seems to be all legs and arms.

We are also nearly ready to start planning our next home. Yay!

Have lovely day folks!

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

just Preparing...

Okay so as you know we have decided to sell and build something smaller and clever.

It is a tricky journey but all those little jobs have been completed (the joys of living with a builder). Below are a few little vignettes from around my home.

The Teenies level of helpfulness varies and if I have to debate one more time why Master T needs to empty ALL the rubbish bins on a Wednesday when usually it is a Thursday..... Sheesh!

I am a bit of a minimalist it seems. A blogger once told me she thought my stairs in a photo looked 'way too bare'. I stayed with my Aunty in Scotland as a late teenager and would come home from a night out with my cousins. As I staggered down her street with identical homes all in a row, the only way I could pick her home was all the clutter in her window and up the stairs. It was an achievement to get up those stairs without killing a gnome or a donkey. 'Dust collectors' my Mum would sigh.

So, here are a few of my little vignettes from around my home. I have struggled a bit to find enough goodies to make a collection but am happy with them so far.


I hope that Maiden Hair fern survives. I murdered a few in my youth with love. Hoping my skills of parenting and a little neglect will do the trick.

More to come. We are having an own house this week and then it is by appointment only. Might get a couple of friends through to give me their thoughts.

Have a good one. Sunny here. Yay!

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

just Cleaning...

Okay, okay, as you know we are getting the house ready for sale and have been cleaning EVERYTHING!

When I was tackling the oven and reading all the warnings on the label, I decided to go to Dr Google and find an effective, natural way. I couldn't imagine cooking in an oven cleaned with such a toxic product. So much success was achieved with some bicarbonate of soda that I found in my pantry having expired in 2006 ( as kindly pointed out to me by Miss T with a look of disdain across her delicate features!)

So. Here began my quest for natural cleaning. Look, I have always used Enjo but when doing a clean on mass ( 3 lounge suites people, 3! - downsizing remember), I needed something quick and effective. And with 2 asthmatics in the family, the less chemicals the better.

I introduce you to the wonders of........... VINEGAR!

What a wonder product. Is there nothing it can't do?

Mixed with some dishwashing liquid and water makes a wonderful spray which saw mould banished from leather, stainless steel shine like there is now tomorrow, corners cleaned and showers sparkle. All with minimal elbow grease I might add.

So people, research the wonders of natural products from your kitchen. No toxic smell, cheap as and no harsh chemicals.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

End of an Era...

The picture above is of our wall in the kitchen that we have used as a guide for about 9 years to monitor the progress of growth of the then Kids, Tweenies and Teenies.

It holds many memories of hope, of laughter when tippy toes were secretly used and awe at growth spurts.


Today it was painted over so all we have left is this photo. Master T is now taller than the Silver Fox and Miss T seems to have stopped at just slightly taller than me.

As I previously mentioned we have decided to sell if we get the right price and build again. We want choices with the Silver Fox having the confidence to say "no" to being sent away without a big mortgage hanging over him like a halo of responsibility influencing his decision based on security.

So, the last few weeks have been all action, action, action with early mornings, late nights and overdue projects being attended. As we speak the Silver Fox is tiling the path to the front door ( which are being rather uncooperative and sliding down the incline - as told by the handy helper Master T) We have cleaned, de-molded, gone to the tip, cleaned pools, planted plants, spread bark, washed windows, put up shelves... The list has been endless, our energy is spent and we still slog on...

I have culled and packed as we have gone. My pantry is a shadow of its former, cluttered self and I have been ruthless people - ruthless I tell you.

On a side note, what's with washing windows? Not for the OCD of heart that is for sure. Those smears! A very thankless task especially as it has rained on And off since! I have new respect for the profession.

So, before we can plan for a new build we need to complete this to the very last detail. I have told the Silver Fox that I don't intend to sell at all, that it is just a ploy to get everything finished. Hahaha!

So, I may not vacuum every day like my mother used to in 'the day' but she would be very proud of my efforts. I know I would receive a 'you could eat off that floor' which is high praise indeed!

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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