Monday, 21 November 2016

How Did That Happen?

Day One of Primary School

This gorgeous little being somehow got herself all grown up and is now winging her way into the wide blue yonder in search of a bit of culture to celebrate the end of year 12.

How did that happen?

Ciao for now...

just Martha

Friday, 16 September 2016

Not Happy Jan..

The Silver Fox has this fettish at the moment for Greek salad, morning, noon and night. So, he frequently rings me on my way home from work to ask me to buy him about 9 cucumbers on my way home.

I get cross with him


I feel weird buying that many cucumbers

I feel like a weirdo

I can hear them thinking 'what is she going to do with so many cucumbers?'

Yes indeed.

AND he wants the extra long ones too

He is giving me a bad name i reckon

Ciao for now...

just Martha xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

just See You Later...

Well, this lovely lady has gone to heaven. She was peacefully and relaxed. Her bed was immaculate and her brow calm. Even her hair was perfection.

She would have liked that

Ciao for now...

just Martha xx

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Gorgeous Being...

It has been many years now since this gorgeous lady entered the twilight zone. She is now slowly fading away.

There are no winners with dementia. Not family watching from the outside nor the person living more and more on the inside.

Even though it has been a slow process, watching the footprints fade back into the sand until they are gone is hard. It is harder than I thought it would be.

Unlike footprints though that leave no trace, she has had 3 children who themselves have lovely families. Now we are parents, we totally appreciate the effort she put in and the wonderful memories, traditions and occasions enjoyed. We see with adult eyes.

Now we are parents it is too late to tell her how wonderful she was as a Mummy, how much we know she gave to us. I hope she knows and although we do tell her now, it is kind of too late.

Just thought you might want to know

Ciao for now

just Martha xx

Saturday, 23 April 2016


Teenage boys!!

M-Y 16 year old teenage boy


'We' have negotiated and changed chores. Emptying the rubbish and tidying the kitchen to be exact. I think each thought the other had it easy and were keen to swap in order to 'flake' off.

Alas, the grass is not always greener

So, picture this, arguing with teenage boy as to why...

a) he needs to fill the dishwasher when the dishes pile up because he didn't empty the dishwasher (because no one told him to) and he didn't use the dishes that I now want him to put in the dishwasher and every one is supposed to tidy up after themselves so if that is the case why am I making him load the dishwasher with dishes he didn't use?

b) why should he wipe down the counters when there is oats and cheese on the counter and he didn't use either because he doesn't eat oats although he has heard they are high in protein and do I think if he ate them he would bulk up but in this case he won't wipe down the counter because he didn't eat them and everyone should stop being lazy and clean up after themselves and by the way yes, that is his plate on the table and yes it has been there for 2 days because he was saving washing up and planning to use it again at some stage?...


Now you are exhausted too!

I did muster enough energy to talk about give and take and that if he wasn't willing to be flexible occasionally and that everyone needed to tidy up after themselves as he wasn't every one's slave, did this mean that he was willing to do his own cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping and tidying up after himself because if this was the case then this could be arranged quite easily and it might be fun to give it a go as my job as a parent is to make him a fully functioning member of society...

He is wise enough at 16 to realise perhaps this wasn't a great deal for him and graciously declined and wiped down the benches, and then the table at my insistence.

Ha!!  Mumma 1 Son 0

Or maybe really Mum 0 and Son 1, as I am still doing all the other jobs come to think of it

I've been played...

Ciao for now...

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