Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Girls need girlfriends. We do. Oh, I know husbands/boyfriends come in handy but girlfriends are for our souls. Once we get through being wife/mother/daughter/boss/employee/driver... we need to find ourselves, who we are, who we might be. Girlfriends define us. They fill in the little places in our very beings. They nuture us. They understand us.
Girls are not very good at taking time for ourselves. You know that is true. Once we are finished with our many roles there is not enough energy left ourselves. More surprisingly though, we don't think we deserve to have time to ourselves. But, this is the thing, if our energy is low, if we are losing our sense of self, it affects our every aspect of our lives. How can we nuture if we are running on empty?
Here is how:
1. Give yourself permission to take time for yourself. This is a guilt -free service. This is taking time to fill the petrol in our tanks because if we dont, guess what? We run out!
2. Spend 20 minutes a day doing something YOU want to. Coffee, magazine, reading... whatever you love.
3. Once per week follow your passion. Every week. Line dancing / crocheting/ gardening... whatever it is. Every week. It is good not to link this with food for obvious reasons.
4. Let people do something for you and accept with grace
5. Do something for someone else
6. Aim for excellence not perfection. It will take alot of pressure off and give a sense of achievement rather than failure...
My girlfriends? I am blessed to have wonderful friends. We do this and find it works fantastically. We meet once per month for a chat at 7.30pm on a designated day that is set aside specifically. We do the cooking, lunches, bathing etc... kiss our partners and boot scoot out for a natter. Oh, we tried the movies, coffee, dinner BUT really all we wanted to do was talk so now we talk. Alot. And share, laugh, cry, support.... And......... we love it. We are loved and supported and the world is a better place with girlfriends. Go on, give it a go.


Just Martha

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