Thursday, 22 July 2010

Spring Fever

 Is it too early for Spring fever? I am finding the urge to clean. To tidy. To fix up. It is not Spring. It is barely half way through Winter. Hmmmmm. I wonder. Am I trying to get a head start on myself? Do you do that? Trick yourself in small ways knowing that you are tricking yourself yet always being tricked. What do I mean? Well, Spring cleaning for one. If I do it now then by the time Spring is here, I've finished!! Yay!! Time is another. Aaahhhh. The four letter word. Time. My bedside clock is set 8 minutes fast. I know. I know that I know. And yet, it never fails to get me out of bed! Go figure! AND, I get a little excited that I am a bit earlier than I thought so that means I can do something else like fill the dishwasher or tidy. Hhhhmmmm, not sure if anyone else does it but I do. So, maybe now I am wanting to clean to save myself doing it later? Maybe when Spring finally arrives I will be already ready!!!  "Haahaa" I will say, before I get started on Summer jobs. What is a Summer job I wonder? It really is too hot to do anything big. Togs, beach, sand, beach umbrella, swimming pool... But in order to be ready for that I have to have a tidy body which means doing classes at the gym and eating healthily. So, really that is a Winter job. You know, like a Caterpillar in a chrysalis! Emerge in Summer all beautiful. So, maybe in Winter I should be doing Spring and Summer jobs too!! So what is a job for Winter? I mean with it being dark really early what does one normally do? What should one do? Certainly not relax. That's for sure. Too busy keeping up with the other season chores...But, a little part of me thinks that if I do Spring clean now (have started by the way - couldn't help myself), will I need to do it again when Spring actually arrives?  What do you do? Anyhoo, look for me in Summer. I'll be at the beach..... looking trim and relaxed....

Ciao for now

just Martha

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