Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Stepping Forward...!!

 Uh-Ohhhh!!!  I'm in trouble. Well, sort of..... Miss Tweenie cleaned her room from top to bottom as you might know from a previous post. Well, she put stuff down the laundry shute to be washed. So far, so good. Except, that when I went to wash on the weekend, it was full of dolly clothes. Now usually I find all sorts of things down the shute to be washed because I think it is usually easier to chuck it down and forget about it: cars, belts, shoes.... This was quite appropriate. But, this is an end of an era, on quite a few levels. My gorgeous girl will no longer be playing with dolls. Oh, she will when we have little visitors, but not as part of her regular day to day happening. Look, I knew to expect it, but it just seems the other day she was lugging around 'Emily' (Teddy bear we bought her when she was 5 and we sent her to LJ's in Sydney for a long weekend. By herself. What were we thinking!! She was 5!!). And including Emily in the goings-on. 'Mum, Emily would like tea too', 'Mum, did you ask Emily if she wanted to go to bed, because she says she doesn't'... you get the picture.... How will I cope? No doubt Teenage-hood will keep me on my toes...

As I was washing the clothes I realized that a lot of them were hand-knitted by my Mother for me when I was little. I gave them to Miss T when she was small. I kept them. I still have my favourite doll 'Alison Elizabeth' up in the cupboard. My discerning Miss T accepted the clothes but rejected my doll because she was 'funny looking'. How rude! (I thought that was the most beautiful name in the world when I was 5). But I admit she is not the soft cuddly dolly of today. My Mother had knitted singlets, booties, a kilt with a ruffled singlet and jacket, blankets, bonnets.... All finely knitted, beautiful smooth and fancy stitches. Knitted with love. Played with for nearly 40 years on and off. There will be no more knitting. Not from my heavenly Mother who is living more and more in the twilight.

So, dear bloggers, the end of an era.... Miss T will be leaving her young self behind as she enters into the new stage of being a teenager. I am a magpie so I have washed the clothes and will keep them for another little person. As a tribute to the love my Mother showered upon her children. I will say 'your great grandmother knitted those'..... But, I might ditch Alison Elizabeth because goodness knows what the next generation will think of her, although by then she might be an antique......

Ciao for now

just Martha

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