Tuesday, 21 September 2010


  • Can't I put a photo to my picture when I sign up to follow someone?
  • Can't I do that little thing at the end of the blog "you might also like..."
  • Do the word verifications only ever make a real word about 1 in 20 times?
  • Wasn't blogging invented year ago? It is soooooooo fantastic

Ciao for now

just Martha

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  1. It is ASTOUNDINGLY astonishing that it could be me offering you anything like techy advice for your blog because I am THE most novicey of novices but here goes....

    1. To get your gorgeous photo to show up when you follow someone you have to have your photo in the ABOUT ME section of your blog. I have actually signed up as a follower on my own blog to be able to edit this quickly...see how you go.

    2. To add the you might like bit, go to Link Within

    and follow the prompts for getting the widget then go to Design and click on 'Add a Gadget'.
    Go to add an html and once it comes up on the page drag it under the posts section.

    3. To keep you on your toes - disabled mine 'cause I think it's puncey [so is trying to spell that word!]

    4. I KNOW!!!!

    Good luck with it all, hopefully someone with better technical skills and terminology can intervene and get you out of any messes I may have inadvertantly got you in.

    x Felicity


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