Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Loves: Bag Organisers

Yep. Totally infatuated. Ask my friends. I rabbit on and this is what they get for presents at the moment. This is only one type. There are many. It makes finding things in your bag soooo much easier. It 'organises' your bag. It can then be transferred to your other bag and nothing needed is left behind. I like that.

Remember folks 'take pleasure in the everyday' and if being able to find your car keys easily, or you nail file makes you happy..... give it a try!!!

Ciao for now

just Martha

PS: Master T was very chuffed at all your positive comments and lft the office with a big smile on his face...


  1. what a great idea! What clever person came up with this!!

  2. I've seen these...even considered a purchase, but wasn't sure it was worth the price. Looks like you've tried one and feel they are true to their claims - fabulous.
    I admit that I do get tired of digging in my purse for keys, phone,etc.

    Thanks for stopping by my post and leaving a little note.

  3. This is nice to know. Yes, having an organized bag is dreamy.



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