Friday, 15 October 2010

Take Two...

Okay. Deep breath! I have decided to make the chenille quilt ah la Abby from Two Little Dicky Birds. I have found out things about myself...... 1. I cannot read directions. 2. I am a speed demon on the sewing machine 3. I need to set myself small goals to achieve the desired outcome... Hmmm. I c-a-n sew. So now I am pacing myself with small goals to achieve. I started with a cushion cover which is now scrap material as below. A good place to start and practice all the needed techniques. I am enjoying it though. It is consuming my every thought. Deep breath. Put on some calming music and r-e-l-a-x...

Not quite what it should look like...
Not quite like the picture...

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. Hehehe, I'm just the same with sewing, I want to see results straight away and I just rush through, I never follow patterns and just muddle through it. I think that's just the way I am though and I now find I don't have to un-pick as nearly as much as I used to :) It's going to look great, don't worry!!!

  2. That is something I really want to do. Must learn to sew! Cant wait to see the end result. Dont you love when a project consumes you? Very exciting. Have a fab weekend xx

  3. Hey hon,

    Ignore me if I'm totally off the mark... did you put it through the wash and drier? Mine looked like that too before it was washed.

  4. Yep, that was after the whole washer/dryer thing. I figure it was because it wasn't on the diagonal that the actual threads are longer rather than being sort of 1/4 inch in total...

  5. Oh dear. I can imagine how frustrated you must be. Deep breaths is right :) I'm unpicking a whole bunch of rows just now, I forgot to flip it over an its all bunched. Ahhh, the joys of sewing!


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