Thursday, 25 November 2010

Give Thanks...

Life seems to be a bit fragile at the moment. Have you noticed? The thread is noticeably tenuous. Lots of things seem to be happening around my universe. What about your universe? Surely it is everywhere: people passing away, friends having strokes, families separating, families unnecessarily apart, families going through such hardships, the lovely A-M on a perpetual blog pause due to tragedy..... the blogging world is not the same without her.

I think it is a great opportunity to give thanks for what we have, for strength and  hope. For being able to smile and give and live and share. 

Thank you...

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. Well said. Your sentiments I agree with totally. x x

  2. Firstly wow! I love a post with meaning. Thankyou for visiting my new blog I hope I can inspire you as your blog just did me. Again thankyou! And I so dearly miss A-M too!

  3. I can always count on you Martha to open my eyes & remind me to appreciate what I have, so aside from all of the other wonderful people & things I have in my world, I am also thankful to have found YOU!!!
    Thank you for your loveliness!!


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