Sunday, 14 November 2010

just Florence...

 I am in love. With Florence Broadhurst. I didn't know until I started blogging and I saw her designs here and there..I even have Florence-inspired coffee mugs I bought a-g-e-s ago. And didn't know!

Florence Maude (1899-1977) began life as a singer and entertainer, being quite musical and at some stage also taught music. After living overseas, she moved back to Australia  in 1949 having developed an artistic streak and brought with her 114 paintings as part of the 'Paintings of Australia' collection and founded the Art Gallery Society of New South Wales. She also taught printmaking and sculpture. By 1959 she had founded the company Australian Wallpaper Pty Ltd and by 1972 had some 800 handprinted designs in 80 different colours.

Tragically, she was murdered in 1977 and although the murder was never solved, some think she was the victim of John Wayne Glover, the notorious Granny Killer. Others speculate that her killer was known to her as two cups of tea were found near her body. Still the world mourns the loss of such a talented and innovative woman...

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just Martha


  1. Love her prints and patterns too. And what interesting info about her - I had no idea she'd been murdered and the 'two cups of tea' found at the scene of the crime is intriguing...

  2. Have you seen the movie? That was very cool. I haven't read the Helen O'Neill book about her, but I might try over the Christmas period. Anyway, I'm a big fan - a thoroughly fascinating person. xx

  3. She's fabulous, she must have been such an interesting person to know. There is a really great doco that runs on the ABC from time to time about her - it's really very good.

    I'd love to go and visit Signature Prints one day, I think I'd be like a kid in a candy store!


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