Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas 'Break'?...

Not what we quite had in mind!...  Master T has started the holidays off with a bang - and a broken wrist!!  Same wrist was broken 6 months ago after a skateboard fall whilst riding said skateboard at a "crazy-hair disco" at school. So off to Emergency we went. With blue hair. Now broken in a different place. He had been riding a skateboard but thought that 'the cartwheel with backflips' might have done it. He did have 2 cans of softdrink prior so maybe that was a contributing factor too. Poor fellow. He awoke in the morning saying "Uggg. I thought it was a dream". Sorry Sunshine. 6 weeks apparently of lateral entertainment. Just in time to go back to school. He feels ripped off. V-e-r-y ripped off!! So do we as this was the holiday of beach, pool, bmxing, in no apparent order or with no frequency restrictions. He has been heard to exclaim to his sister "I am a cripple you know" when wanting extra time on the computer which he has to use 1-handed. It is only day 1! We m-i-g-h-t have to give him a loan so he can get that X box otherwise no one is going to make it through the holidays with a very active, one winged Master T to entertain.... We are going to approach Fracture Clinic with a 'keep calm and carry on' mindset as I think we are 60th on the list.... Yay for us! Wish us luck

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. Oh dear, poor Master T! What an awful thing to happen just before Christmas! Hope it's not too painful for him. No doubt the X Box will help him feel better!

  2. Oh no Martha, every Mum's worst nightmare!! I hope he finds some way to keep himself entertained over the holidays! The X Box sounds like a brilliant idea!!

    Christine x


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