Monday, 27 December 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

Okay, okay, okay.... We are officially waterlogged... mouldy,  damp, soggy, frizzy-haired... have cabin fever........ 5 children to entertain....

Please, please, please STOP RAINING....


Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. Oh, perfect opportunity to get them helping with some baking, cooking & cleaning, yep, i'm that kind of mother who makes it appear like fun & "who can get all the finger prints off the hall walls first wins". FYI they win nothing, other than my thanks & appreciation. Then get crafty!! Good luck, i can be smug as we've had sunshine today & lucky me tidied up the garage, fun!! Only as i'd made such a mess with my market stock in there & last night's hail storm was hurting our cars!! Happy entertaining - if all else fails, the children can put on a show, just say it has to be a surprise so they practise far away from you!! Love Posie

  2. You're so right Posie - and a lifesaver! Show it is....

  3. Well, there are some good ideas there from Posie! Hope they work for you, and I hope that it stops raining soon!!!

  4. I will send you some Hunter Valley sunshine, we have been VERY lucky with the weather & only had an occassional shower!!

  5. I for one certainly hear you! Just posted a glistening coastal image on my blog that i am so,so,so longing for. Bring on the sunshine!


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