Friday, 7 January 2011

First Love?...

When Master T (T is for Tweenie) was little he was potty (sorry about the pun!) about resin toilet seats and was desperate to have one! Every time he saw one he would rush over to touch them and when asked what he wanted for his birthday or Christmas, for many years he would ask for a toilet seat. We never did buy him one though. He is starting Year 5 soon and has no recollection of his first l-o-v-e. We do. So as a tribute to funny kooky kids, here are a few of his favourites at the time:

He did have a bit of a beach theme going on didn't he?

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. That's so sweet! I'm not surprised that he chooses not to remember it now!!

  2. I think one of these must be bought and saved for his 18th or 21st birthdays and presented with a reminder of his 1st decor love......too funny but would have been cute at the time.

  3. Good idea!!! Will buy him one...

  4. I cannot think why you denied him one of these LOL!
    Don't they get designs on some wacky stuff! I recall begging my parents to buy some very attractive (ahem) concrete garden ornaments such as swan planters, concrete aboriginals and those concrete butterflies that grace many a home's entrance way in the late 60's and yes I was denied them all!!!


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