Sunday, 23 January 2011

Storm Season...

December/ January where I live is always storm season. Hot, humid and dry. A big storm is sometimes a relief to break the heat.  We get ones where the thunder shakes you out of bed... literally. Are the Tweenies scared? Nope. Usually sleep through the whole thing. God love them. My Mother h-a-t-e-d storms. She was terrified. But growing up we never knew. All we knew was that whenever there was a storm we weren't allowed to look out the window and the curtains were drawn. No one could use the phone either because apparently it is very common for people to go deaf whilst using the phone during a storm. She said she knew someone once who had gone deaf... Plus, she always cleaned the pantry. Always. In later years we discovered this. The pantry was the only place without windows so off she would go. She was traumatized by her granny as a kid. The mirrors would be covered, the silver hidden and under the bed they would all go... No wonder she was scared to death even in her adult days. I want to thank her though for not passing on this phobia to her three children. Thanks Mamma. A-n-d we had a very clean pantry in December/ January!!! I like storms. Sometimes we can watch a storm out at sea which is quite beautiful. Lots of lightening and not much noise.

Do you like storms?

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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  1. I;m not a particular fan of storms, but my mum was a bit like yours. When I was very young, she used to pull all the plugs out of the sockets and we would sit in the cupboard under the stairs! (Wonder I wasn't traumatized for life!)


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