Thursday, 7 April 2011

meet Charlie...

This is Charlie. I am his foster Mum. Have been for about 9 years now. Isn't he cute! He was a case of neglect, sad neglect. Charlie is a beautiful looking bear and I do like teddy bears that sit nicely. He was a gift to Master T. But, unfortunately was part of an experiment unbecoming to both owner and bear. I found Charlie floating in a wheelbarrow filled with water. So, I saw fit to rescue Charlie and in the ensuing custody battle, I became his foster Mum. Oh Master T came up with a good story about swimming, pirates and holding his breath for a long time but as both prosecutor and judge, I ruled in my favour. There have since been attempted kidnappings but I am ever vigil. So, here sits Charlie, in my room, looking healthy, happy and very much loved. There have always been supervised visits very frequently by Master T with long cuddles and secrets whispered. One day he might return to live with Master T but now this is just the way it is....

Ciao for now...


  1. Captain V's littlest 'Gift' treasures his Daddy's 'Big Ted' who is definitely showing 45+ years of love on his hide but somehow manages to keep a big smile on his face and give the best bedtime cuddles - precious.
    x F

  2. He's gorgeous! I'm glad he's high and dry in your room. I've a bear in the washing machine as we speak, as somehow the dog ended up with it and it smelt of dog's saliva. Gross!

  3. Love that little story about you rescuing the little bear and now you are his foster mum!! He looks lovely sitting there, and that it a very smart little blue jumper that he has on.


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