Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Rubber Band Champion...

I am THE rubber band  champion of my family. I have never been beaten and guard my title like a pit bull. Growing up I was the tea towel-flicker champion, which hurts a bit more but those were the days when we had no dishwasher so nightly challenges were the given. My poor parents, they just wanted their dishes washed. I have a brother, let's call him TooToo. He will hate that but hey, it is my blog and it was my nickname for him when I was little. TooToo needed a brother. Desperately. But all he had were two younger sisters. It didn't stop him from treating us like we were his brothers though. There was rough housing, terrible experiences like him making us ride down the hill at top speed and going over a home made jump......another time there was a pipe, a plank of wood and one of us (me) standing on the end while he jumped off the fence and..... See? We barely survived. Except. I was the tea towel champion and try as he might, day and night, he couldn't beat me. Ever. Irked him no end.

As an adult I retrained myself to excel as the rubber band champion. Ask LJ. Once I shot her right between the eyes. She was so shocked!! Ask the Silver Fox. He runs away now if I brandish my weapon of choice. He has learned over the years not to challenge me unless he wants to lose. Oh, I am gracious as a champion but with all that unwanted training as a child from my brother, I can't help but stand my ground. He still tries occasionally but I say "do you really want to go there?" and he surrenders straight away. He knows what I am capable of and that he doesn't stand a chance. Once the SF and I went and did archery when we went on holiday and he barley hit the target whilst I got bulls eye after bulls eye.  He was a bit concerned for his safety that night. It is nice that he holds a healthy respect for me I think, don't you?

So yesterday morning Master T found a rubber band and shot me in the leg. Well, it was on then wasn't it? He was fighting dirty but was no match for me. It sort of brings out the Arnold Schwarzenegger in me! Needless to say, I won... No doubt he will keep trying...

Have a wonderful Tuesday folks

 Ciao for now...


  1. heh heh heh, so glad to hear an evil streak lies within!!! heh heh, I was champion "why are you hitting yourself"...but a certainly defer to a rubber band flicker!

  2. Hee Hee! That was funny. I bet that really hurts too if you get hit by a flicked rubber band!!!


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