Thursday, 5 May 2011


Master T wrapped in sticky tape....

Sometimes it is interesting being a parent. Don't you think? We have some very enlightening conversations with our Tweenies. They have specific views on life and the world. Sometimes I don't really know where the conversation is going. Like these little gems when Master T is chatting away in the car....

..."that happens when the uterus gets no action"............. (what was he talking about?
...."like pole dancing. It is very ... (long pause, I think my face was screwed up awaiting the rest) healthy and makes you fit"....

... "I saw a poster and the lady was covering her teat with her hand...."(I don't think he has even been to a farm)

"If you are stuck in the desert and have no water or any way of getting water, and you have some vampire teeth, then you can put those in your mouth because they make your mouth make saliva then you won't be thirsty" Very handy survival tip folks

"I smell like dog biscuits today" ..... We don't have a dog so it was a great opportunity to remind Master T to use soap e-a-c-h time he has a bath

(When checking his lunchbox) "White bread sandwiches, whooo hoooo!!!" (Sometimes I like to surprise them with my nutritional flexibility)

My Miss T has some interesting ideas as well. She firmly believes her legs are older than the rest of her (will not be otherwise convinced) and she thinks her breath sometimes smells like kangaroo food!! Today she wants to adopt a baby with an English accent!! Don't think it works like that.

Enjoy the everyday folks,

Ciao for now...


  1. lol...Oh Martha this was so funny to read...and scarey...all the things I have to look forward to with my little Jacq when he hits the teens..but we really wouldnt have it any other way ..would we.they are our babies :) x

  2. Fan-totally-tastic!

    It's always a gift when someone can make you laugh out loud and you did that several times with this terrific post Martha!

    As an early childhood teacher for many years you would get lots of wonderful little quotes handed to you every day & because they were so regular I never got around to writing them down - kicking self now!

    Please keep adding these snippets of tweenius [just made that up!] for all of us to enjoy and for you to not only treasure but bring out at significant life moments of your gorgeous kids!

    xx F

  3. Hi-larious! LOVE IT!

    Can't wait until my Master 2.5 comes out with gems like that :)

  4. Ha ha!!! Firstly, the sticky-tape head is just the best idea ever and secondly TEAT! HAHAAHHAHAHAHAH!! Er, sorry! Hysterical. x

  5. That was a really funny post, with really hilarious quotes from Master T. Makes you wonder how their minds work sometimes!

  6. Oh I am just rolling on the floor laughing my had off , soooooo funny


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