Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Week That Was...

Well, interesting week this week. I must be still high from my emotional recharge a la Silver Fox and walking around in a dream because:
  • I paid via the internet 10 times the required amount for after school care. Too many '0'. Jeepers!!!
  • I was driving along and thought 'Hmm, might need petrol'. I looked down and not only did I need petrol but where the 'km left to drive until empty' bit is looked like this:  (-- --) !!! Double jeepers!! That meant zippo the clown of petrol in the tank. I heard once that this hurts the 'catolitic converter' if you run out. Sounds like trouble. All went well though, found a petrol station and  was late to my meeting but entertained them with my brush with disaster. I think...
  • Went to book tickets on line to fly to a conference, booked twice and then it seemed I had only reserved them pending payment. What the??? How hard can it be to book??? All ended well I hope. Will check the credit card statement and see if I can get on the plane in August
  • It seems just when I am having a GIVEAWAY, all my followers seem to have disappeared!!

Well my lovelies, just getting ready for the big 'Sleep Over'. Do you think I need to clean my fridge and drawers prior to the kinship arriving? You know how it is..Just getting the Lamp Shank Experience ready now. Will post photos to blackmail show you next week...

 Ciao for now...


  1. Oh Dear...tough week for you lovely..hopefully the weekend will make up for it : ) What happened to all your followers? You might need to upload that widget again? Been having some problems with my darn blog uploading to my facebook page aswell..think Blogger has had a few major hiccups lately. Anyway...hope you have a wonderful weekend ...and those lamb shanks look like a perfect suggestion for tonights dinner..might try it! x

  2. Bad Boy Blogger has been casting his spell across Blogland but hopefully someone will sit him in the naughty corner and he'll mend his ways.

    The lamb shanks on the other hand - scrumalicious!

    xx Felicity

  3. Yay, all your followers are back. I must go and check on mine, because they've all been away for the past couple of days. Blogger is really playing up. Wow! That was quite a week you had there. Anyway, I mustn't keep you, because you must go and clean your fridge and things like that before those girlfriends arrive!


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