Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Wet Sleeve Saga...


Last night I had a wet sleeve. Ask me how? I also had about 1/2 tonne of wet towels. Ask me how again? Master T. That is how. Master T and bath time. Want more clues? Well, Master T will spend ages explaining to me why he doesn't need a bath and I, being the thoughtful Mother that I am, will listen to his argument, and then send him for a bath.

So it was that he had the bath running

He didn't want a bath

He forgot he had the bath running

He came calmly down the stairs some time later...

"Mum" he said

"Yes" I said, thinking ("okay best get off Blogger and make dinner")

"The bath is overflowing, I sort of forgot about it"

Sure enough, behind him was coming a waterfall down the stairs. He had enough gumption to turn off the bath. God love him
"Did you think to empty the bath a bit?" I said as I stuck my long sleeve in to an alarmingly full and deep bath. Then "Don't just stand there, get some towels!!!" I used exclamation marks in my tone.

"If the builder had built this right then the water should have flowed to the floor waste" I said. "Now we know it doesn't" 

15 towels, 4 rooms, 1 set of stairs, 1 door jam leaking through to the floor below, 2 bathmats, 1 outfit previously left on the bathroom floor by said culprit and a nervous Master T later....

I asked him what he had learned from this. He said he had learned not to leave the bath on. I said I had learned that I now had 15 towels to wash that I didn't have before. I pointed this out to him.

I asked him if he thought from now on that when I sent him for a bath that he could just, you know, have a bath. He thought this might work.

 Then the Silver Fox rang. I was able to point out our new discovery about the floor waste. He said "now we know"

Yep. now we do. That, dear folks is how my sleeve got wet. Well, you did ask. Sort of....

Ciao for now...


  1. Oh no!!!! Now you know.... ;-)

  2. You are WAY more patient than I would have been.

    L.O.V.E the image today - now that's a bathroom that would need to have good floor waste flow.

    Hope it's a sunshiney day for all that washing to get dry.

    xx F

  3. Oh dear..now you indeed know!

    Love that he had the sense to at least turn the bath off before owning up, lol!

  4. Isn't life fully of discoveries! Yes, that ensuite is amazing - my wardrobe is bigger than my ensuite and no it is NOT a walk in one. The ensuite is one of those squished loo, tiny basin and tiny shower stall ones - we call it the Water Closet...i covert this ensuite.

  5. Good to know the moral of the story has been noted. Ha! I feel for you.

  6. Yes, we did ask. Sorry . . . it is no fun to clean up a mess like that.


  7. Ha ha, what a funny story! Not funny at the time I'm guessing... My 5 year old daughter has a paranoia about the bath overflowing so it doesn't get close here! One of those odd little fears.. Rachaelxx

  8. OMG how did you say so calm???? XOX

  9. Oh my goodness Martha! What an accident to happen, especially with Silver Fox being away. Thank goodness the ceiling didn't fall down or something. Poor Mr T (well, I don't mean that really, but you know what I mean!! Hee Hee!)> I bet he was mortified. I do hope that he has learnt his lesson though. At least it made for a good blog story - that's what I always think now when disaster strikes! LOL!

  10. .....and that vindicates MOTH digging up the entire first screed of the concrete floor in the Bathroom-From-Heaven 'cos he reckoned he hadn't got the levels right. And to think I yelled at him for being so finnicky. Another 10 Apology Hail Mary's for me at Saturday night Mass.
    Millie x

  11. Oh, Martha, the horrors! That hasn't happened on Planet Baby - yet. I have been seconds away from such disaster, though. I hope your towels are dry now! J x


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