Saturday, 25 June 2011

Dance Fever...

Whoot whoo. 3rd place in the Jive. His partner is behind him in the black dress!!

Well, what an exciting weekend it has been so far and it is only Saturday afternoon!!! Master T went to a dance-off last night between 2 schools and did a dancing competition with the Tango, the Jive and a Hip Hop number. He won 3rd place in the Jive as above. Well done. He was so keen. He chose his clothes, his partner and displayed such focus and passion for the event. I don't remember boys being like that when I was 11. Were they? Oh, it wasn't just him. All his mates were dead excited too. I got a bit teary at all this excitement and focus. Fantastic really. 

Just come back from Miss T's soccer game. She scored 2 goals and it was 8:0 their favour. The other team were very complimentary and wished them luck for the semi finals. What the? Much appreciated but she hasn't played for 2 years and I don't remember everyone being so friendly. I'm not complaining though.

My kiddies have been sick with 3 different things over about 3 weeks and during this time we moved Miss T's bed into my room so I could keep an eye on everyone. They were all for sleeping together in MY bed but I'm not sure 3 would work. When moving her bed we discovered the base was broken and as she has a back injury, it was off to the shop to buy her a new bed. At 1.7meters and still growing a queen size was really the only option. I feel strange buying her a bed so big though. I'm not sure why. As I had a single bed until I was 22 maybe that is it or maybe it is the potential of things to come. Not sure but what do you think? What would you do?? So we found something that is basic and will be timeless in design AND didn't cost a motza!!

Have a great 'rest-of-the-weekend' everyone. Off to visit the Silver Fox's Mummy tomorrow. What a good daughter-in-law I am.....

 Ciao for now...



  1. Wow! Master T did really well in the jive, didn't he? I think it's lovely that he's so keen on the dancing. And woop woop for Miss T as well in her football team. She must be thrilled to be getting that queen sized bed! Oh, and yes, you are a good daughter-in-law!

  2. Congratulations to Master T. I love a man that can dance. A queen bed has the nice option of you lying next to her and chatting, so it's a good thing!


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