Thursday, 9 June 2011

Water Colour...


When the Tweenies ...eer, Teenie and Tweenie that is, were small I went to water colouring lessons. I was a busy girl: two little kids, working part time, my own business too, big house, dependent parents... You know how it is. Well, I went to these water colour lessons. It was run in a group with an older lady as my teacher. We had amazing people in our group. 

One lady learned to read at the age of 30 but had such a talent for acrylics and was trying her hand at water colours. She shared her story once and I was sobbing in the background as she told us how dumb she felt all her life until the school wanted her to help teach her daughter who had just been diagnosed with dyslexia, and that is when they found that s-h-e had severe dyslexia! The school then began to teach them both.! Goosebumps even now at the thought of how she struggled. Another guy painted amazing boats with just a flick of his wrist. Still another lady painted the most amazing birds down to each little feather. Me? What did I paint? I SUCKED at it. Totally...

You see it required too much planning for me when I was at such an action stage in my life. Water colours had to be planned and I was a bit of a Nike girl 'just do it'! (there is an eyebrow story that goes with my motto - not very successful. I digress...) You see with all the go-go-go in my life, I couldn't plan, rest, relax. I even had a beautify treatment when Miss T was small and was strumming my fingers in aggravation at how slow the whole process was. 

Plus my teacher wanted us to draw trees all the time. Boring trees. That's okay but she also wanted up to draw flowers. That was okay but they were both less than inspiring. I mean a poinsettia in a jam jar: p-l-e-a-s-e! She would always say "Oh, are you finished first again my dear?" Yep, she was talking to me. 

My goal is to learn water colours again when I am more patient. I did put it to good use though, I used to paint my own wrapping paper, put the Phantom of the Opera on and paint reams of it on beautiful paper, later at night when the kiddies were in bed. I painted the teacher's at school drawer liners/wrapping paper as their end of year gifts. To be different. Master T always wanted apples - red and green. Miss T tulips. I also painted my own cards for a while too.

So on to my bucket list it will go. What about you? What is on your to-do list?


 Ciao for now...



  1. I actually love the image of you painting at night with the music on and a quiet house.

    The movement of painting can be an uplifting even healing element of the process. Just moving your hand and arm [especially if you're doing broad strokes] and revelling in the colours.

    Have you ever played with soft pastels? I love to get out a piece of paper and a bundle of these waxy treasures and just let the colours spill onto the page. You don't even have to have a purpose [shock horror] just the joy of popping on some music and playing with the colour = joy for me.

    To answer your question [finally] I would love to take art classes and photography + cooking + more piano lessons + conversational french [in Paris]....the list is really long!

    Happy day....oh I just heard the postman, must scoot!

    xx Felicity

  2. Watercolours can sometimes need a little more planning, but there are no hard and fast rules - rules suck! I've just come back to watercolours after a loooong time of using only acrylics and oils, and I'm having a ball! Give yourself permission to play around first, without expecting too much, and you'll be pleasantly surprised :) K xx


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