Monday, 18 July 2011


Master T is being a bit in fair to me I think. As I will explain I hope you will agree. You see, sometimes I want to watch a movie or TV and we have Austar. This is the problem you see because to change the TV over I have a choice of 4 remote controls. It has been carefully explained to me over and over again, apparently. "Input this and output that... Remote 2 and 3. Don't use remote 1....". I mean really, how am I supposed to know these things? How am I supposed to remember this when I don't know what input I started on? I just want to watch a da*# movie!!

Master T told me, with an exasperated sigh, that he was only going to teach me once more. Maybe me yelling "help" from my position on the couch when I need a Teeny/ Tweenie to intervene gets on his nerves. I think he thinks I am a bit simple as this comes so naturally to him. Heck, I walked in one day and he had the screen split in two and was watching 2 different channels at the same time. What the? What hope have I got to compete with this level of techno-understanding?

I continue to ask for help and use the old "I'm your Mother" sort of argument for now. I also need to call for help when threading a needle. I mean r-e-a-l-l-y, what next? Do they really need to mock me?

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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