Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Achilles Heel...

Master T is not motivated my money. Or privileges. Or boy toys.

It makes getting him to do things a little tricky. His sister on the other hand, can hear a 10 cent piece drop 100 meters away. No kidding. She can be bribed rewarded more easily.

Master T needs a more creative approach to teach him, to motivate him, to encourage him...

He has a weakness at the moment and as a parent I believe it is my duty to be aware of such Achilles tendons and use them nurture them along.

His weakness? Bear Grylls. We live and breathe him.

Now, Bear Grylls is touring. He is coming to Brisbane in October.

Guess who is doing their chores, homework, tidying up, taking out rubbish?

He wants to earn his pocket money to buy a ticket

I'm not complaining. So what if I remind him upon occasion to keep him on track? Again, it is my job to motivate......

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. That might just work in my home!

  2. I wish Collingwood (AFL) was coming to Brisbane that would certainly motivate by beautiful Sam into doing things. He is going away with his school year for 9 days, I have asked and asked if he could just pack his bag as I have done everything else for him. Oh goodness parenting is hard sometimes. Mimi xx

  3. Hi Martha, I found your blog through Elements of Design and I am your newest follower. I am all for using rewards, I think we are all more motivated when we have an incentive :-)


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