Monday, 29 August 2011

Sort Of...


The weekend went sort of to plan.
  • Kid's to camp.
  • Butterscotch cheesecake
  • Toffee on top. (I lot undercooked, 1 lot burnt and one lot perfect)
  • Out to lunch with parents
  • Back to wash and straightened hair (by now it is raining- why bother really)
  • Get picked up to go to dinner with friends (been pouring for hours- oh oh)
  • Phone rings. Camp cancelled. Need to pick up kids from clubhouse
  • Get lift back to my house. Pick up dry clothes for Master T as Miss T going to her friends
  • Take Master T back to friends for dinner/dessert
  • Get home at midnight
  • Master T asleep in 1 minute
  • Miss Ts alarm clock goes off at 5.30.... AM p noice!
  • Farm Master T off to neighbours for the day
  • Go to movie and lunch with some other friends
  • Pick everyone up and then the washing starts...

Oh well. It sort of worked out like it should have...

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. It sounds like a whole lot of lovely mixed in with the busy.

    Here's to a wonderful week ahead Lovely,

    xx Felicity


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