Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Good Throttling...


Although I am no stripper, I have been throttled! For not paying my internet bill. My infallible system of placing a 'tick' on my calendar when bills have been paid, has let me down. Alas, I ticked when I shouldn't have and as a result the system has flaws and IS fallible. Darn it. I should have paid on time and now I am on a 'go slow' punishment and punishment it is. I tried to find a more fitting picture but have already dedicated 25 minutes to finding this one so it will have to do.

You get my point I'm sure, in a lateral sort of way. However. I wonder where so many strippers get strangled that they needed to make a neon sign to press their point? Hmmm, gets you wondering doesn't it? Funny old world.

I digress

I'm being throttled and I can only say that at present, I am unable to view your lovely blogs and only just able to read emails. I must point out that I have paid the bill but they must enjoy throttling in their otherwise mundane day.

I had so much to tell you too....

It will have to wait.

 Ciao for now...



  1. Silly company . . . give Martha back her internet service. We miss her.


  2. Technology can be so so frustrating sometimes. My husband has had no access to his business email for 10 days now due to a stuff up by a certain internet provider, he has spent countless hours with several call centre employees without any result, AAAAARRRRRGH!!!

  3. Eeek! Hope it doesn't take too long before you're back to normal again.


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