Saturday, 10 September 2011

Interesting Week...


  • Master T has now succumbed to an ear infection and a sore throat that kept us both up a-l-l night. His Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) sure is causing trouble. He told his Dad he had an 'upper body infection' - he wasn't far off by the looks of it!! So off to fill that script. 
  • The electric gate doesn't seem to be working so we were held hostage for a while until I rang the Silver Fox. It must have been a bit early for him though because he was telling me to 'see the grey thingy - open that whatsy on it'. What the? That's my language. Miss T is off to see and cheer at the grand final of her soccer competition with her team. Cool huh? (That's how we know the gate isn't working - she had to get picked up by her friend's Dad instead)
  • My radiator seems to be leaking which is a pity as I want to drive a l-o-n-g- way today to go to Anaconda - a camping store so I can look at their sale. 70% off sounds just too inviting to me. Do I risk it? without NRMA? Naahh....
  •  I'm having the girls over to dinner tonight and am making them a special chicken dish done with yoghurt and coriander and tumeric with a filo pastry basket of sweet potato with ricotta and spinach. Sounds pretty grand doesn't it. Hopefully it works out as I have not had a practice run...
  •  I am applying for a casual teaching position which i can hopefully do in the evenings. All part of the plan. all part of the plan...
  • Have a lovely weekend no matter what you are doing. Smile at strangers, give kind words when needed and give from the heart...

 Ciao for now...



  1. have a lovely weekend too lovely - have you tried anaconda online?

  2. #1 Excellent image to begin the post with - I've just finished slicing up a whole heap of lemons and limes and putting them in the freezer for summer but I realise looking at this picture that I should have made them batch!

    #2 It sounds to me that universe is telling you to stay at home today, to bake up a storm, enjoy the company of your friends and take care of your big boy.

    #3 Yay for your new work! I'm SO pleased for you and hope it gives you great satisfaction.

    Happy day Lovely One,

    xx Felicity


  3. Your dinner sounds amazing. How fun to have friend in this weekend.

  4. Oh, Martha, you have had a week and a half. Thankyou for giving me your kind words which were definitely needed, my friend. Go gently, Lovely. J x

  5. Wow! Lots of things happening in your life at the moment, Martha! Do hope that Master T will soon be feeling better. I always used to find that as soon as my hubby went away for work, lots of things seemed to go wrong, which was very frustrating for me!! It was almost like the minute he walked out the door! Good luck with the job application, and that chicken meals sounds yummy scrummy! Recipe please! Have a lovely evening with your girlfriends.


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