Monday, 12 September 2011


When I was 9 I was involved in an accident - sort of. I rode to the 'corner' shop on my bike to buy some glue, when I looked back and saw the neighbour's dogs running up the road with such joy at finding me. Now, said shop was about 2 kms away from home which wasn't really that far because it was near the school and I went there every day.

The dogs started to fight with the old Labrador at the shop so, using my childhood problem solving, I crossed the main road and unfortunately the dogs ran back across the road and were both killed by the same van.

Sad, but that is not why I am telling you. We were minding the dogs for our neighbours who were overseas so it was really terrible to tell them. That's not why I am telling you either.

Why I remember this story is that a lady stopped her car and offered to walk me home. And she did. It was a long way for a lady in high heels. She explained the situation to my Mum and Dad who were home. My Mum made me a cup of tea with sugar in. It which I thought was weird as I didn't take sugar. But. That is not why I remember the lady.

The adult in me knows she was very kind and caring and it was a wonderful thing to do. But, when she went to go, it was getting dark. She was 2 kms from her car in a maze of unknown streets.

How did she get back to her car? Was she lost for ages? Did my Dad drive her? I hope so because I have worried about my unknown guardian for y-e-a-r-s. I hope she was okay. And I hope she wasn't so scared that she regretted her kindness to me. Because she was so lovely.

do you remember the kindness of strangers?

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. Love random stories like this, they pop into my mind too. Worst situation ever to tell owners of dogs you're babysitting that they died, aw, life lesson at such a young age, bummer. Love Posie


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