Thursday, 8 September 2011


Master T has been busy and taken on an upper respiratory chest infection, vomiting, temperature a-n-d conjunctivitis.

Greedy huh?

Major role conflict for me as my colleague is on leave

Luckily my parents stepped in for a little while. One doctor's visit and a trip to the chemist later, clean pjs, shower and clean sheets... He is smiling a little. This last bit is my recipe to help someone get well. Usually works...

What do you do when your family is poorly?

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. Poor kidlet :( Hope he feels better soon.

  2. Oh, rats! A horrible combo for your little trooper, Martha. We've had two pixies with conjunctivitis this week - it's going around. I hope he's feeling chipper soon. J x

  3. Poor Master T - hope he feels better very soon. Perhaps he's picked it up from going back to school. That usually happens! I remember your recipe of the clean pj's, shower and clean sheets from a previous post of yours. It certainly does make you feel better if you can manage to have a shower and generally freshen up.

  4. Oh poor thing!

    My two year old recently had the above AND Hand Foot & Mouth Disesase on top - eek! Not good times :(

    Hope he feels better soon :)


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