Monday, 7 November 2011

Bewitching Hour...

Complete with 'stab' wound on stomach

That time of year has come and gone. When I did a post about this last year I got a r-e-a-l-ly creepy 'stalker' sort of comment that made my skin crawl. This person commented on my security, or lack of apparently, and told me to be careful! Very careful. So I have changed my security and if you do have trouble leaving a comment I am sorry, you need to be a follower, but this person then launched into issues about their upbringing and how awful it was. It wasn't bad enough to inform the police but it fair put the wind up me let me tell you. I think he found my doing a search on the 'H' word so I am careful not to mention it this time.
Still gorgeous under all that make up

The T's were out and about with friends doing the trick or treating thing. Made their own costumes and Miss T is an artist with the makeup. Master T was very innovative and came down stairs with his clothes cut up! A quick feed on homemade pizza and the T's and their friends were gone, trawling the neighbourhood. Master T came home with a skateboard and wished it was not a Monday night.

 Ciao for now...



  1. Really? That is creepy. Some people are just plain weird to leave such comments.
    I do like your son's costume. The wound is hilarious! xx

  2. The kids look like they had lots of fun which is really what it's all about.

    Obviously the person who left the creepy comments chose the wrong space to air their dirty laundry - if he'd encountered Master T I have no doubt that 'said laundry' would have encountered a sharp scissoring!

    Happy day!

  3. That is creepy! Great outfit by Mr T though, hope you all had a fun night. ;-)

  4. Great outfit MrT.....
    I hope the poor soul who has only negative issues has crawled under a rock somewhere. Some People are just strange.
    Take care..xx

  5. Oh how creepy...loving the outfit..too clever. Drop by I have a giveaway happening.. X


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