Wednesday, 16 November 2011

just Observtions...


My internet is ridiculously slow again and the kiddies don't believe I have paid the bill. I can't even go in to check my usage because I don't have that much time to hang around really. Busy week and I am a bit weary already despite it only being Wednesday. I haven't got too much to report that won't take h-o-u-r-s to upload so here are a few observation from my week thus far:

  • I saw a fellow buying sushi from a petrol station at about 8pm at night. I found myself wondering how he would end up ie ? food poisoning. Maybe he is a rule breaker but in my books that would be o-l-d sushi and thus not to be chanced. I feel it is in the same category as buying a prawn sandwich at the corner store. I mean who would be so desperate as to risk that?

  • Don't you just love predictive text? I received an invite to a dinner with a 'mortician' theme. Just as I was thinking 'hmmmm, now what could I even begin to cook for that', I received another text pointing out is was a 'Moroccan' theme. Hmmm, bit easier I think.

  • Look, I know I am probably alone here but I think chicken flavouring on chips is down right creepy. Think about it and you might agree too

  • I have bought the most amazing shoes (as above) but guess what? Now I need a new dress to go with them! Any suggestions? They won't go with my black and white number I bought here

  •  I don't give a hoot about Kim Kardashian. Or any of them. Now you know.

  • My most favourite meal in the whole world at the moment is steak with l-o-a-d-s of freshly ground pepper, melted cheese and a nice salad on the side. I've thought long and hard about this and this is the ultimate winner for me.

  • Only one more night until Kevin McLeod presents a new Grand Designs. Yay!! Best get all the chores done tonight

  • I have been a wild woman and have been to the gym 6 times a week!!!! Not sure what is happening to me. Maybe after 2 years of 'challenges', those endorphins are finally giving me a hankering for exercise. Hope it lasts!!!

Okay gorgeous people, have a nice rest of the week. I will try to resolve my 'issues' and start writing some meaningful posts again. 

     Ciao for now...



    1. mmm - chicken flavouring Yuk! Hope your computer problems are solved. Mimi xx

    2. allow me to respond!

      - An incomplete suicide?
      -predictive text is a conspiracy to make you look dumb, me anyway! I sent a text to my friend re her son : I have Dex (Dexter) at my house, she got "I have Sex at my house!!!! I am still being teased.
      -and chicken salt too, in SA people love it ....shudder
      -you also need a new handbag, beads, blow dry, facial and pedicure. New shoes are a BIG responsibility
      -Kim who?
      -show me the cow!
      -hurry kev!
      - I have pondered the gym 6/7 nights of a chilled glass of white



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