Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Young Love...

Miss T was asked out today by a boy. His name has cropped up in conversation for a while so I was kind of aware something was happening. She sought out a magazine to show me how his eyes were the colour of the sky "like this". Lots of smiles, and sighs.... And silences

Sweet. I am excited for her.

But. The Silver Fox is away so do I need to screen this lad like he might? I'm not sure. He finds all this growing up business quite difficult to watch and be a part of. I know why. He used to be a teenage boy once upon a time. That's what I think that he thinks... He knows what he got up to!

Do I insist on meeting him, give him the "look",the "evil eye"? Or do I be supportive and nice and offer to drive them to the movies. Or do I invite him over for dinner or ask to meet his parents?.... Or is it just a simple date and I should relax? I wouldn't let her go out with a girlfriend one on one if I hadn't at least met her.

Geez Louise! Where is that text book?

Maybe I should invite him over for a hang out.

Yep. That sounds modern and acceptable and easy

Doesn't it?

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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Addit: I spoke with Miss T about the plan of attack. You know what she said> She said ...
"kill me now"!


  1. Before boys came on the scene we had a solid practice for play dates and sleepovers that unless we knew the family the friend had to come over and spend time with us before our child went away.

    This applies to boys [although is becoming harder to manage as they get older] and if a boy is serious about one of the girls they have to spend time with us doing things that our family would normally do, beach, park, tennis, board games etc.

    We've 'weeded out' a few non-contenders this way because the girls were able to see them for who they were in their setting.

    Good luck, it's a tricky path no matter the age or the number of parents on board.

  2. I love the traditional aspect of Miss T's nature : swoon, magazine eyes, and horror at the idea of parental involvement . Sounds like it IS going to plan!

    Good luck!!!


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