Saturday, 3 December 2011

Interesting Week...

Hi All

It's my birthday today and I have had my last physical assessment for my Health Challenge. Yay! I was able to cut down my 2.5 km run time by a huge 4 minutes over the 12 weeks. Stoked just for that! Also stoked that I am getting competitive too! Finally!

Had breakfast with my Challenge pals and then home to a zillion phone calls and emails. Lovely. The Silver Fox is still away but I am going up to Far North Queensland next week for 2 nights for his work Christmas party sans children. Very excited to say the least! Not just because the kids aren't coming but 2 nights with my man. Bliss!

You know how I had my job interview this week? Well, I got an email saying that "even though recruitment has not as yet been finalized, please come to a meet and greet meeting next week". Hmmm, something tells me....I'M IN! Yay! How darn exciting is that?

The Silver Fox will be back for good just before Christmas so it looks like 2012 will holds some good stuff.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I'm off to whip up a lasagna for a neighbourhood Christmas party. Might even open a bottle of champagne to celebrate....

Ciao for now......

Just Martha

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  1. Happiest of happy birthday wishes sparkling you....and congratulations on all that you've achieved.

    It does indeed sound like 2012 is going to be a year for 'fabulousness', methinks you should definitely pop the fizz tonight!

    Happy hug!

  2. Sounds like you have some wonderful times ahead. Enjoy! xx

  3. Happy birthday lovely. It has been a huge year for you hasn't it and you have covered so many challenges, you shifted your comfort zones and increased your capacities...what a woman!!!

    Enjoy your day lovely!

  4. Happy Birthday for Saturday. I should not jump the gun but CONGRATULATIONS! Happy times ahead for you and the Silverfox. Mimi xx

  5. Happy, happy birthday.


  6. Well, belated happy birthday to you, Gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed your bubbles. Ooh, crossing my fingers about the job - that sounds promising. And the FNQ escape sounds blissful. I'm so delighted for you - enjoy! J x


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