Wednesday, 22 February 2012

just Bliss...

Miss T and the Silver Fox together

Life has been sweet since the Silver Fox has been back. It has been..... so easy really. I didn't think it would as I thought we would have a bit of a settling-in period. Oh, don't get me wrong, we did disagree about brands of tuna and which shop has the best roast chickens - all the important stuff. But. He has been so engaged in our family life. More so than I remember before he went away for 9 months. More so than.... well, forever really.

He drives Miss T home from school, goes to teacher/parent meetings, picks Mater T up from Scouts, does the shopping and washing (Hmmm, I'm a bit OCD about my washing and after my good Witchery T-shirts were put in the dryer.....), takes Master T BMX riding for h-o-u-r-s, even arranged a run with Miss T this morning at 5.30!! Look I know that to some of you this sounds perfectly normal but in my family the Silver Fox has always worked long hours and was just not around for all the usual stuff. When they asked him to work on Saturday he said 'I have missed more than 9 months of Saturdays with my family, I won't be working Saturdays'. or words to that effect. He is also less stressed and is so relaxed.

I think this little one has something to do with our family life sailing smoothly. The love she has created is amazing and she is so very sweet.
Miss Ginger Sass

So, life is pretty good here at the moment. Pretty darn good...

Ciao for now...



  1. Such lovely news. How fun for your family after a long nine months.


  2. That is so nice to hear. 9 months is a long time to be away, I am so glad that all is going blissfully. xx

  3. You sound so happy, it's lovely to read. I'm glad life in your little household is going so nicely at the moment xx

  4. Growing up in a military family, both my parents were gone for extended periods of time throughout the years. I remember those settling in times very well. :) Glad to hear everything is going well.


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