Sunday, 4 March 2012


Well. It all started when we went on a family bike ride one Wednesday afternoon. Bound to happen eventually really. I am training our pup to run with the bike. The challenge is not to run her over whilst training her to run with the bike. She has, shall we say, little understanding of the consequences of getting in the way of those big wheels. Rightly so and I endeavour to keep it that way. Which is how this happened:
Not too much bark off
Actually, this one came up black as!!
Blurry - sorry- skid marks galore

Look at my shirt will you!! A brand new Witchery number with ruched sleeves and side gathers! Oh, I know I was tempting fate. The Gods of whiteness were incredulous that I should even contemplate such a thing as riding a bike showing off my sparkly white stylish-ness.

I came a cropper. As you can see. I blame being left handed for my trouble. You see I keep Ginger on my left whilst riding as all potential obedience training trainers do. So. When I needed some quick action from my right hand to do a tricky manouever. Nada! Nothing but gravity to the end.

The kids came running... to the dog... hurling things at me like "you could have killed her", "is she okay", "how could you"

The Silver Fox came running to me. Awww! Concern painted over his face somewhat comforted by my shouts of "it's okay, I still have my teeth". We have known people to fall victim tragically to our bike track: teeth missing, broken limbs, grazes galore....

Bit of bark off me... and her. She did have a bit of a tyre track on her back and some fur missing from her leg. Sorry Pooch!!!

So we did what any self-respecting rider and dog would do.

Got back on that bike and continued to ride.

That's the moral of the story I think.

Or is that moral about a horse?

Not sure

 Ciao for now...



  1. How awful! I tried riding with my dog once and decided never again.

    There are things you can add to your bike that keeps the pup on one side. It's like a lever you attach to the back wheel and it doesn't allow the dog to cross in front of you.

    Glad you are ok!

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  3. Glad you still have your teeth. :0)



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