Saturday, 10 March 2012



Hello.  I'm back. Computer problems all fixed. For a mere sum of money. Hmmm. Only 7 months left in my contract....

The weather is beautiful in my part of the world. Challenge this morning involved items of torture such as a rope ladder, steps, a b-i-g- piece of rope and the usual running, running, running.... I felt a bit of a 'pop' in my neck and now seem to have tightness down one side of my back. Oh oh. Hopefully it just needs a rub and some deep heat.

Only a few more sleeps until my nice getaway with my gorgeous Sister. I have a lovely surprise for her. Can't wait!! I am looking forward to the talks, getting ready in five minutes flat and the leisurely meals without having to dash anywhere!! Sheer bliss!! Even though it is only for 2 nights, I think it will work wonders in the relaxation department and we will feel totally relaxed in like - 2 minutes!!

We are having a quiet one here tonight. We had a couple and their lovely baby to lunch. The Silver Fox worked with the fellow when he was in Townsville and they were down this way so popped in. It is nice to meet people important to people you love isn't it? Nice way to spend the afternoon.

So, a quick nachos for dinner and getting ready to watch some recorded Grand Designs then... a sleep in tomorrow with coffee in bed.

Life is good.

wnat the Silver Fox to make you a cuppa too in the morning? He will you know...

 Ciao for now...



  1. Time with sisters ... bliss indeed. It will be just what your sore neck/back needs.


  2. Oh lovely weekend - ours is a long one, Canberra Day, we're 99!!
    I sleep with my IT guy, brings the price right down, even when it's long distance help over the phone, forget the war in Afghanistan, i can't update my blog!! Yes, priorities!!
    Love Posie


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