Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What a Day...


It was one of those days yesterday. Even Master T advised me to go home. "It's not worth it Mum. It's not worth risking your life". He can be deep sometimes. Even a little psychic I think... Maybe he knew about the motorbike rider... My day was a bit crazy. Right from the beginning. Here is a snapshot:

  • Car had a flat battery. Atleast it went 'click, click, click' when turning over and wouldn't change out of park. Phone call to the SF and a quick listen diagnosed it as me leaving the lights on. I didn't by the way.
  • Pull the cover off the SF's prized 1990 3 Series BMW called Bella. Do you get the impression it is one of his loves? Yep. So after removing all the junk around it AND finding the keys (they were in the ignition - you think he would be more careful), I managed to squash his longboard skateboard which was under the car. Oh oh! And I needed to keep remembering it is a manual. A manual. A manual. I can drive a manual but need to remind myself to push the clutch in when I start it. Just a minor thing really...
  • Windows fogged up in the teeming rain which prompted Master T's concern for my safety. No airconditioning in Bella so good old windows down and a cloth to wipe the windscreen. Just like in the olden days.
  • Now I was fasting for a blood fat test so off to the blood letting place. To say it was overflowing with people would be an understatement. So off to drop Master T at school - too early so had to wait, wait, wait.
  • Off to another blood place near work. Only 5 people waiting but too disorganised AND then the fire alarm went off and told us to evacuate. I did evacuate and got work to take my blood. Who knew they would do that for another pathology. Note to self for next time.
  • Feeling a bit icky by now, headache - the lot. Nothing catchy, just 'blah'. I like that word.
  • Soldiered on and picked Master T up from school to drop off at surfing. Late start for some reason so went home to change and pick up Ginger. I narrowly missed hitting a guy on a motorbike who was driving straight towards me on my side of the road going around a corner!!! Geez Louise!! Not sure why that happened. He was fine, I was a shaking mess. I think I missed him by 1 cm.
  • Went to bed at 8pm still feeling 'blah' but looking for a nice comfy place/non-crazy place.
Weird huh? Was it a full moon?

 Ciao for now...


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  1. When my sister or I have a day like that we always quote the book, "A terrible horrible no good very bad day." Hope you are feeling better.


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