Thursday, 12 April 2012

just Love-ly

I feel excitement in the air. Not like Christmas is coming but like there are changes a-happening and there are good vibes all around. Love is in the air.

I have a friend. She is an amazing person. She is funny, thoughtful, caring. And she is very clever. Her mind is quick, her interests are vast. She is passionate about life, her children, her world.

She is motivating and generally divine to be around. Oh, if she read this, she wouldn't believe a word of it. But, it is true. I know these things. I am an observer. I watch people, interactions, I 'see'. I can see strengths in people. And aspects to work towards.

My friend is heavenly


She is in love

Her smile goes from ear to ear. She can't eat or sleep or concentrate.
She is very special and seems to have met someone just as wonderful.
She shines. It is love-ly to see

Ciao for now
Just Martha
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  1. How wonderful to be near that vibe radiating from a loved one that is a peer, someone from your own circle...ahhh new love, almost as good as old love hey Martha? Let's pray hers becomes old love too xxxxx


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