Thursday, 2 August 2012

First Time....

Posie from Posie Patchwork has set a challenge regarding first times in cooking or cooking something you haven't made for a while. I am entering my pea and ham soup cooked in a slow cooker. I haven't made this soup for many many years and never in the slow cooker. To add to the challenge was the fact that the electricity was turned off for 4 hours. Scheduled but on this particular day was forgotten. Not to worry. The soup cooked up very,nicely and, because heaps was made, has only just finished being eaten some 3 days,later. A client of mine, a gorgeous man in 80's, gave me the recipe which included using a ham bone rather than a trotter. I think it made a difference to the taste in the end. It was delicious! Here it is from start to yummy finish!


Ciao for now

Just Martha

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  1. Looking lovely Martha looking very mmmmm!

  2. Just fantasist, that's the spirit!! I just read in the latest Donna Hay children's issue, her sister Karen wished she had their mother's Pea & Ham soup recipe written down, as there is 'no formal recipe' & she's never been able to replicate it. I grew up with my mother's insanely good version, another recipe which has been lost to her Alzheimers. Just loving your old-man-version with the ham bone - when i read your story, i thought he had given you the recipe WITH an actual ham bone too!! Tee hee, love Posie

  3. Martha, thankyou so much for your lovely words yesterday, they warmed my heart and lifted my soul, I am very grateful for blogger friends like you your kind heart is an inspiration thankyou xx

  4. Yummo! Looks gorgeous. I have never used a slow cooker before. xx


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