Monday, 24 September 2012

Zap, Zap...




All about me. About how I see me

About positive reinforcement

I am still exercising, still sweating blood and shedding tears

I am achieving

I still get excited when my sweat drips on to the floor. Because it is MY sweat. Because I have exercised to full capacity to make that sweat. Okay, I'm new to intensive exercise. I have come a long way from my first boxing class where I fainted merely from using too many big muscle groups at the same time.

I have rewarded myself with trendy exercise wear. To feel good in nice things. To wear firm flattering gear and to ditch the shapeless garments I felt I deserved. Until recently.

 I have been on this journey to better health and mind, to positivity and satisfaction now for nearly 3 years.

Now, I am rewarding myself with mindfulness, with 'being aware' with being 'present'. I am finally beginning to feel I deserve to take time in being pampered. To be happy with 'me'


Well, I am having my hair dyed more frequently so when someone's eyes stray to the conversation triangle between eyes and forehead, I don't immediately cringe at my... regrowth


I am also having laser treatment to give me smooth armpits. Something I have wanted to do for a long time. Something to reward myself for all the hard work through Winter.


Zap, zap burning-flesh-smelling zap!!

Not nice people. Let me tell you.

Not nice

 Ciao for now...


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  1. Mindfulness - it is wonderful, it gives you back so much of your live and the capacity to enjoy your life and each wonderful moment- it also helps to transition through tough or unpleasant or even dull stuff with more ease.

    You are worth looking after after all life is not a dress rehearsal!


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