Wednesday, 7 November 2012

just Settling In...

All is gong well with Mumsy - she is settling in nicely. My sister said Dad"s shoulder literally relaxed and he breathed a sigh of relieve when he heard this and that she was sleeping through the night without feeling anxious.

My Dad is English and a 'stiff upper lip' sort of fellow. He never complains and just gets on with his lot. As children we would wake him in the night if we were sick because he was always so calm and instantly awake. To see him now with a spring in his step and to see him relaxed is worth more than winning the Melbourne Cup.

There is a defining moment in life isn't there when you suddenly help your parents with decisions and directions? I am glad it is working out so far for both of them and they should both be quite relaxed after another couple of weeks 'holidaying'. The respite centre we haw taken Mum to has been so fantastic and supportive.

So, that is where we are up to today. Not sure if I won the millions yet but I tell you what. I am feeling like my life is very rich at the moment so maybe I already am a winner.

Ciao for now

just Martha xxxx
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  1. Oh that's great news. It's such a difficult time for all of you. All the best. P xx


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