Monday, 17 December 2012

Cleaning With Meaning...

 I have been cleaning like a woman possessed... by the cleaning bug! L-o-n-g overdue I'm afraid. Nothing like Christmas and visitors imminent to get one started. I think the problem is that a good clean involves a good deal of culling and that takes t-i-m-e. So far I have clocked up 7 hours in the office and 11/2 weeks in the kitchen.

Hmmmm, interesting what you find isn't it? Nothing like cornflour from 2003 (this time) but I did count 40 coffee mugs! I took the surplus in to work with a note saying "free to good home - take one or 6". They did disappear. I had a matching set of 12 among that lot too. I l-o-v-e sets! I'm a bit of a matchy-matchy girl.

So, as the kitchen and I got to know each other intimately after so long together, I found myself tripping down memory lane, looking with fondness at some of my possessions and remembering. Note to self: Maybe that is why it took so long? Sorry some of them are upside down. Not sure how to fix that...

Mermaid tile inspired by Miss T
Close up of Miss T
Plate made by Master T when he was 5
Drawn by Miss T when she was 7
Jam jar given to my Great Aunty Ena
A gift from my brother in law for my 40th
I wonder how long it took him to find this?

Clean and tidy!

My brother in law asked my what I wanted for my 40th. The brief was a blue vase, or a handbag. He found a blue handbag vase... Gosh I laughed for ages over that. How long do you reckon it took him to find it?

Okay, now to finish in the office and then the store room... and then the guest room.... and then

Sigh, best get started then I suppose

 Ciao for now...


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