Sunday, 2 December 2012

Little Ray of Sunshine...


It is Sunday morning. Quiet still as most are asleep. Master T and I have flown to my sister's home to spend time with her family. I usually take each child once per year to hang out with their cousins. We will see them in a few short weeks at Christmas when they come up, but LaLa (sister) and I wanted to be together. We have a strong sense of family. We are close. We needed to debrief over the whole "put your Mum in respite" thing but also our favorite Aunty passed away suddenly. We are bereft.

We grew up without cousins, even though we had Mum's side of the family, who lived in Scotland and England, teaming with them. There were 9 all around our age. The fun we could have had! It was not to be. Australia can be very far away from the rest of the world and finances didn't really allow for that sort of thing back then. The Silver Fox grew up with cousins and they all holidayed together every Christmas. Bliss even if they didn't know how special it was.

My sister and I did visit when we started working but it would have been so lovely to he part of everyone's lives. My Aunt came out for a visit by herself and got to spend quality time with each of us and the bond was forged - the connection between her family and ours.

My Aunt was such a special lady, happy to do nothing but talk or to be busy being shown the sights. She was kind and gentle with a permanent smile and a contagious giggle. She couldn't believe she was in Australia with us all. Lets face it the trip is not for the faint-hearted. Her visit was timed nicely so she was guest of honour at my wedding. Yep, 22 years ago. The bond has been strong since then.

Facebook has helped us keep in touch with the everyday and we are in frequent contact with her heavenly daughters too with whom we have a special connection. We love them dearly and an odd word here and there maintains that bond. We feel for them at this time but know they will all be together to make arrangements and say their goodbyes with all her family. It will be hard in a way because it was so sudden. We are feeling the distance because we would like to be there. For them and us.

We have shed tears reminiscing. LaLa especially. It is sad knowing she is not around you know? She was a little ray of sunshine.

ciao for now

just Martha xxx

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  1. Martha, this is such a beautiful post, sounds like you have some beautiful memeories to cherish there!

  2. Martha, I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. I understand the mixed emotions you feel when you hear this kind of news about someone far away.
    I'm glad you're visiting your sister. xx

    1. Miss Gingham you write the loveliest things. Thanks so much.

    2. We loved her and what you wrote is so true. We were so lucky to have known her. That is thanks to our cousins. The world is a better place for having that opportunity. xx :(


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