Saturday, 9 March 2013


Miss T has had her phone taken off her for quite a few weeks due to a large Internet usage above and beyond the allocated amount. Apparently I was to blame as I took the modem during school holidays. Okay, so what to do? Miss T was given a choice of doing chores to repay the $84 or, have her phone taken away for a period of 1 month. Fair right? Miss T didn't think so really but after doing a couple of chores ($5 for cleaning the car- it was clearly going to take a long time) she gave me her phone for a month with the option of working the time off in chores too. Hmm, negotiation. I like that. Okay, fair enough. The aim is to realize a) the value of money b) the effort it takes to earn money and c) the need to exercise a few restraints with phone/Internet usage and d) to show some further level of responsibility for actions.
I try to teach my children that with independence comes responsibility. The more independent they wish to be, the more responsible they need to be. Quite deep really but something I push on a daily basis. Miss T goes to soccer after school so needs to text me she has arrived. Life is a trust thing and letting them grow up means helping them to make good decisions.
Miss T did rise to the challenge. She came home from school and after homework washed and vacuumed cars, cleaned the garage, rearranged cupboards... She even did Master T's chores which meant that she got paid for them and not him, much to his disgust. But again, consequences, independence and responsibility. She got her phone back 2 weeks early AND put found an APP to follow her Internet usage so as to not go over again. Good for her.
My job is to follow through, remain calm and logical and give praise when due.
Fair enough
Ciao for now
just Martha xx
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