Thursday, 21 March 2013

Maybe a Bit Too Hasty?

I did a tidy a little while back and am now regretting my superior cleaning abilities which culminated in me tossing out clothes that I hadn't worn for a while.


Who made up that rule anyway "if you haven't worn something in 12 months chuck it out"?

Where for art thou little black skirt from Events that I wore to my brother's wedding?

Where for art thou pale blue woolen pants from Country Road that didn't q-u-i-t-e fit but would so now and be oh so perfect for Winter?

Do you ever do that? Remorse?

I did once give my clothes to a person who worked on food vans at night who then preceded to tell me things like " Oh, I gave that nice brown top to a lovely prostitute. She was thrilled". I found myself scanning crowds for said top and therefore a potential prostitute. Couldn't seem to stop it. Way too much information.

So, sigh, I will suck it up I suppose. There must be a very fine line between the 12 month rule and becoming a hoarder!

Ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  1. That happens to me too...
    I always end up missing the outfits
    that I gave away after cleaning my closet.

  2. oH i so do this! I often pass thigns too lovely, designer, costly onto others - when I had babies I used to buy lovely things (probably wasted way to much money!!) and I used to pass them on - twice i had recipients tell me how much money they made selling the items on ebay! It is kind of hard to not feel "those" regret feelings - of course i was never bought a thank you cup of coffee, in fact i never even got a real thanks - then i have issues with myself around "I shouldn't expect anything in return" - but surely some info shouldn't be passed on!


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