Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cram It All In...

I'm just sitting here quietly having a nice peaceful, hot coffee. We had to buy a new coffee machine as ye ol faithful died a tragic death. A-p-p-a-r-e-n-t-l-y we were supposed to regularly decalcify it and I guess the Italian to English instructions failed to impress upon us the importance of this. Who knew?

It is now 6.43 am and I have done a Spin class at the gym with 'Matt The Rock', in darkness with strobe lights and peddling in time to the music. He had some funky version of Scarborough Fair today. Pretty darn cool.

I have also just put a red chicken curry on in the slow cooker and although Master T will complain bitterly, that is dinner. He thinks the meat is always too dry for him. Maybe he will eventually be a chef?

Miss T is flying down to spend some time with Aunty LaLa and her family which will be wonderful. The Silver Fox is taking her to the airport. Last time we sent her alone she was 5. She locked herself in the loo and spilled an apple juice on someone. Hopefully at nearly 15 she will be a bit more worldly.

I might spoil Master T a little while she is gone and do some stuff he likes: friends for sleep overs, bike rides... And take him to dinner where he decides. I am off to a conference on the weekend for the at and then having a sleep over at my Besties house. She is taking me to dinner at some Brazilian place. I trust I don't need a fancy wax job to go...

ciao for now

just Martha

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  1. Your on fire today Martha, I used to teach spin classes, its a blast, not sure about doing it that early in the morning tho, LOL!!!

    Have a fabulous week with MasterT


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