Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hello May...

Life is settling down here a little. I have just come upstairs to bed and 2 mobile phones are neatly charging in my bedroom and 2 computers doing the same downstairs. Finally. It has take a good few months of enforcing the rules to ensure that my 2 Teenies are getting a good night's sleep away from texts and the Internet.

Miss T has settled down too for the time being. She had a tryout tonight for a job at a local restaurant. My hope is to take up a little more time ensuring she is a tad more organized with less time available to surf the net. Also, to be more engaged with the everyday.

To talk to real people, in person.

We also enforce old rules like no phones at meal time and rewards of Internet time on the weekend after good behaviour during the week.


I am ever vigilant. It took a trip to see my sister to realize the depth of change in Miss T. Teamed with her recent issues with anxiety and depression, action need to be prompt, consistent and thorough.

It is her birthday this week and she is turning 15.

We adore her

So, May has begun. I l-o-v-e the cold: a scarf here, some boots there. the Silver Fox and I are planning a trip to Melbourne to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. He is still working close to home and hasn't been sent away as yet.  We are all feeling very grateful.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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