Friday, 12 July 2013

just Reality....

I have taken a few days off work during the school holidays to spend time with my children. I thought they deserved time as a family to just hang out.


I didn't realize that they don't want to hang out with me
They want to do their own thing

Oh, I do come in handy to drive them here or there


They sort of begrudgingly 'fit me in'. With a sigh

Miss T says she has spent time with me and she needs time with her friends
I sat them down on the first day with offers of theme parks, movies, lunch out...

Nope. Nothing. Zip.

I ended up spending 3 hours sugar soaping the walls upstairs
I have to admit I was sulking a little. Well, a lot really

I knew this would happen but I didn't realize it had happened already. Where was the memo?

So, I've walked the dog every day, read a book, cleaned, organized, rearranged.


I have some nice clean walls.

ciao for now

just Martha xxx
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  1. Come have lunch with me?


    1. Oh Glenda, you are so wonderful. I'll be there with bells on!

  2. Yikes, we are on a path with no emergency stop lanes or waiting bays!! And they determine the exits!!!! This letting go thing is going to be a challenge methinks. I thought they would like to hang with me today, sure they said then all went off in different directions. : ( Know how you feel xxx

  3. It certainly is a windy path dear Miss P. Best hold on I think.


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