Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Man Test...

I've come home today after work to find one angry 13 year old son

Snitchy, stinky, filthy


"There is no food in this house Mum" was the terse reply

He has failed the genetic hunter test. Man vs food

He was unable to find food in the kitchen. I had fried rice, cold meat sandwiches, the makings for pizza, nachos, frozen pies... The list goes on

He is also having a course of special herbal Chinese tea but didn't have it today because I hadn't poured it for him. Literally. It was ready in the fridge, he just had to pour a cup.

After I fed him sushi, I told him that if he was a lion, he would be the one in the tree clicking his fingers for service and would soon starve to death.

I also told him that if he couldn't do something as simple as feeding himself, I would have to have him babysat.

That includes doing his chores as requested and start to act like a pre-adult

Or, maybe he is

ciao for now
just Martha
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  1. funny! i love the finger clicking lion image!


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