Friday, 23 August 2013

just Jack Reacher...

This man is responsible for m-a-n-y idle hours. Many! Lee Child is the author of the Jack Reacher series and I am hooked 1000%. It has meant that the chores get done a whole lot slower but done eventually. I can be seen at any time with my nose in a book, snatching quick minutes here and there.

I saw the movie too and was quite impressed. I like Tom Cruise as an actor and this sort of silent, tortured role really suits him. (Secretly I believe that in real life he will one day snap that barely controlled anger and murder a few people but hey, that's just my thoughts)

Do you have a favourite book? There are over 14 in this series and I am trying to read them in order in an attempt to establish some form of self control. Lee Child has a nice writing style although by reading the books so close together I have noticed he jumps around with the chronological order a bit and also writes mainly from the third person although one book was in the first person. Just saying.

The Silver Fox is still away and working way too hard. He is coming back for Father's Day so I will attempt to rouse the Teenies from their self centred teenage apathy and make a fuss of him. He will continue to work away for a little while yet. I think reading really helps me cope plus I am exercising like there is no tomorrow. It is 7 am and I have done a spin class and walked the dog already. AND it is only 4 degrees C at the moment. Brrr!

I am off to a 40th birthday party and my secret talent is writing cheesy poetry! So, I will whip up a long poem about the birthday boy and say it at the party. I usually start with a....
So, its Paul's birthday and he is 40 today
It's all down hill and soon he will be gray.....

Tragic I know but it is from the heart. Day off today so will be catching up with some primary school Mummies as it has been way too long, then I might make my Dad take me out for lunch.

Sounds like a plan. Have a lovely day

ciao for now

just Martha. xx

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