Tuesday, 17 September 2013

just Excited...

The Silver Fox is coming home for the school holidays. Yay! He is s-o excited. As are we. He is leaving the current job in Townsville and will start a new one when he goes to Proserpine. He will be running it himself which is sort a big responsibility. And he is dead excited to be doing so. I can hear the joy in his voice. I love that.

We both have Friday off so will take a lovely long walk on the beach with the pooch then head off somewhere for lunch. I like to make the Silver Fox relax as soon as he steps foot on home soil. I might even book him in for a massage as well. He will love it.

I might have a little list of jobs too. Just a little one like replacing light bulbs, gardening etc. I will let him have the weekend to relax first.

He will also be involved in his BMX riding which he has missed terribly. Both he and Master T can ride to their heart's content. Go for it I say. I had some blood tests done on Master T which showed he had low iron so I have been feeding him up on hamburgers, steak, spinach and vitamins. Hopefully he will be more exercise tolerant soon.

Have a lovely day.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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