Monday, 9 December 2013

Happy Bottom...


I have a very good girlfriend who recently bought me a nice pair of undies. Girlfriends know you like no other don't they?

These are bamboo cotton edged with the softest of lace


They stay in place. No sneaking up. No visible panty line. In fact, when you wear them you don't notice them they are sooooo comfy. They are made by Jockey.

So next time I saw her I told her how happy my bottom was. Okay, she was a tad perplexed I must admit until I explained myself a little more. She totally agreed. Said it gave her confidence.

All this excitement from a pair of undies. First socks and now undies.

However, take time to enjoy the little things in life people. If undies bring joy, well, so be it.

If the Silver Fox is reading this I would like him to know diamonds bring me joy too! Actually, if he was reading this he would tell me I must be really bored without him to be writing such c$*p.

See? That is why a girl needs girlfriends.

And, I love my undies...

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